1990 - 1999:  Older music

This is where the pre-Fahnn stuff lives.  There's loads of it, but most of it's still missing.

I've got most of the audio from the really early albums as mp3s, but the only way to do it was to literally sample the old tapes and the sound quality is consequently quite shit.  OK, very shit, because it wasn't very good in the first place.  Still, I might stick a few more of them up at some later date.
December 2009:  Xmas songs

Four years of our imaginatively-titled Xmas songs!  Sleigh bells are mandatory:

2009:  Susan - Xmas 2009
2008:  Susan - Xmas With Susan
2007:  Fahnn vs. Cornwell - Broken Xmas
2006:  Fahnn vs. Cornwell - Xmas 2006
June 2008:  Susan - Susan E.P.

1.   Harder Faster (5:22)
2.   Dirty Love (4:15)
3.   Answer Me (4:16)
4.   Complete Control (4:42)
5.   Outbreak (3:58)
6.   Midnight (4:53)
November 2008:  Susan - Midnight video

There's a "video" for Midnight  here.  Cost to make: 4.99.  Possibly this shows.
December 2009:  Susan - Susan 2 E.P.

1.   The Man (4:54)
2.   Three People (6:16)
3.   Saucy Girl (6:06)
4.   Merge (5:09)
5.   1338 (5:37)
6.   Something (6:53)
Susan are Jim Bentley and John Cornwell.  You can listen to more of John's stuff here and there's more of my stuff below.
2000 - 2007:  Fahnn

All the previous Fahnn albums and EPs can be dowloaded by clicking on the big concentric circle thing.

That's probably all there's going to be as Fahnn, as I've got loads more ridiculous band names that I want to use (hello, Gandhi's Summer Commandos!)
July 2010:  Gandhi's Summer Commandos

Retrostyled noise-musics.

1.   Intro--Other (7:09)
2.   Sick Vixen (7:03)
3.   New Product (7:23)
4.   Process (8:02)
5.   10 (6:52)
6.   Stockholm (15:05)
July 2010:  Gandhi's Summer Commandos - Intro--Other video

Here is a video for Intro--Other.  It's got the same actors as the Midnight video, but they're in a totally different world now.  Wooden cows, and plastic figures given away free with cereals are very versatile like that.

Major thanks to the video auteur Ross Goodwin for making it happen!
July 2010:  Gandhi's Summer Commandos - Stockholm video

This might be the nerdiest and also the most disturbing music video ever made.

Click the picture of the words, or here, to make it start.  If you play it very loud and really concentrate on the words, you will almost certainly freak out a bit, although in a totally good way.
November 2010:  Outsidermusic

It's a new mini-album/EP/whatever from Gandhi's Summer Commandos.  Lots of handclaps, and some fuckedupness.

1.   They Walk Among Us (5:37)
2.   Cytomegalovirus Pt 1 (5:53)
3.   Cytomegalovirus Pt 2 (5:07)
4.   Codename (7:51)
5.   Space Demon (3:54)
6.   Thing Gets Attacked (5:48)
December 2010:  Merry Xmas

Susan - Xmas 2010.  Not sure this is the finished version now.